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Home Cleaning Service in London

At Grangers Home valeting service we can offer the deepest level of cleaning for your home.

Spray extraction carpet cleaning, this is a 7 step process;

1. Power vacuum and hair removal.
2. Moving small furniture, TV stands, Chairs, Bedside tables( please note, we can move heavier items beds, side boards etc, but this will be at an extra cost)
3. Pretreat all spots and stains, active against red wine, ink, fruit juice, pet/child stains and make up, among many others.
4. Pretreat all high traffic lane areas.
5.Hot solution cleaning and re extraction, with an industrial Bissell carpet machine.
6. Scotchguard added to the treated area, to protect against future spills.
7. Area vacuumed to remove debris and fluff up the carpet to give it that new feel. All furniture returned to its original place. VAT is included

Prices are based on the average terraced house, Lounge £30, Dining room £25, Bedroom £25. Hall+stairs+landing £35 (Skirting boards steam cleaned +£10 per room) A 2 bedroom flat is from £90, and a 3 bedroom terraced house from £130. But please ring 07521 154 699 for a free estimate, as all houses and jobs vary. Minimum call out charge £40.

Steam cleaning services

Kitchens, bathrooms, fridges, showers, pet areas, interior window areas. A fantastic bacteria, mould and mildew killing method.

Prices for a full kitchen valet ( including fridge) start at £70, a full bathroom valet from £50, windows from £50 per floor, minimum call out charge £40
Please ring 07521 154 699 for free estimates

Room odour decontamination

This service uses a Thermal fogging machine, this splits the particle leaving the machine down to the split neutron level, meaning it intergrates all the way through fabrics, leathers and plastics, leaving them completely smell free. This exact method is used after house fires to eliminate the smell of smoke and other heavy duty smells. Prices from £30 per room/car.

Patio and driveway services

For this we use degreasing agents or weed killers and pressure washing machines, to return tiles and stones back to their original state. Prices from £40. Please ring 07521 154 699 for full prices

Spray extraction cleaning for curtains from £20/ Sofas from £25/ Rugs from £15/ Leather sofas from £30



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