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Car Detailing by Granger's

Granger’s detailing service is a step up from our regular mobile valeting packages. Here we offer a bespoke service, tailor-made to suit your car.

We can carry out some of our work at your home address, depending on the services required. For bigger jobs we carry out the work at the business address, which is our barn and office near junction 6 of the M25. Your car will be stored here at all times while we work on it and protected by our security systems.

The services we would use include:

Exterior detailing services

– Paint depth gauges used to assess the paint’s condition and level.

– Paint correction and colour matching for deep scratches, scuffs and dents.

– Removal of alloy wheels and bolts to bathe in a mild acid overnight. This removes all the brake dust particles  that normal acid cleaning cannot.

– Alloy wheel refurbishment and paint matching.

– Unbolting of doors and boot to clean, polish and protect underneath.

– Re-spraying of colour-faded or damaged panels.

– Clay barring and machine polishing of all panels. Paintwork thickness is measured prior to polishing. This is to assess the correct amount of top coat/paint layer remaining prior to buffing.

– A full application of Swissvax detail wax for a flawless bodywork finish.

– Full engine bay de-grease and hand clean. This allows us to go deeper than steam cleaning, due to there being no danger of electrical component damage.

– A permanent exterior glass protector applied. This adds a rain repellent barrier, which slicks rain off the glass. Ideal in sudden heavy storms.

– A permanent exterior bodywork protector added to all paintwork and shuts. This is best applied to cars under 4 years old. This treatment will protect the paintwork from the dulling effects of the sun and is backed by a life-time warranty for the car.

–  Exterior de-badged of manufacturer’s signage. This leaves a clear and uncluttered expanse of paintwork.

– Tyre pressure adjusted to manufacturer’s default settings.

Interior detailing services 

– Re-stitching and upholstering for seats, carpets and leathers.

– Deep cleaning of head lining, seats and carpet.

– Leather seats machine buffed to produce the best results possible.

– Air conditioning re-gassed, deodorised and bacteria treated.

– Interior fogged for odour elimination if needed.

– Seats unbolted and removed for deep cleaning underneath.

– Replacement of badly scratched or damaged interior plastic trim with manufacturer’s parts.

– Removal and balming of all door shut and other rubber seals. All exposed door shut areas are also deep cleaned underneath.

– Permanent sealing of all interior leather and fabric against spills and stains. This is a two day  process.

– Mist X applied to the interior glass. This will stop your windows misting up in the winter.


Rolls Royce. Poetry even standing still, next to a bin

Rolls Royce. Poetry even standing still, next to a bin

These and many more services are offered From a Price of £795. Please call or email for more information. Pictures will need to be supplied for a rough quote. A viewing will be needed for a final quote.


Please call: 0800 122 33 97  or email info@grangersvalet.co.uk for a quote.